Subject: Relationships

2018-12-12Beyond Blame: Holding the Hot Potato

If you're willing to hold the "hot potato" and not pass it on... Game over!

2018-12-10Presence: The Cure for Blame

Learn the skill that lets you stop the blame game from sucking the life out of your relationships.

2018-05-30“Once Upon A Time” (Part 2)

Take a look at your unconscious storytelling.

2018-05-19Emergency Stress Relief

It's completely free, natural, and available anytime and anywhere (except underwater)...

2018-04-09Lessons from the Stream

Let Mother Nature teach you how to dance through life.

2018-01-17Rethinking Sociality (Part 2)

It's not nice to deprive others of opportunities to question their limiting beliefs.

2018-01-15Rethinking Sociality (Part 1)

When "being social" means sacrificing your authenticity, it's time to rethink sociality.

2017-12-22Infinite Love

Why hold back when you can never run out?

2017-11-01The One Choice You Always Have

Have you ever really considered what it takes to love unconditionally?

2017-10-02Healthy Selfishness

What's good for the goose is good for the gosling... and vice versa.

2017-07-31Pivoting to Partnership

You might be surprised at how easily you can transform a "negative" emotion into a positive, pleasing, powerful connection.


Children at play can teach us a lot about practical happiness.

2017-06-12What is “Authentic Power”?

Make the distinction between 'pseudo-power' and the Real Deal.

2017-06-07The Power of Silence

Discover how to talk less and communicate more.

2017-05-17Two Kinds of Power

When you start making this distinction, the quality of your relationships will skyrocket!

2016-12-09Rethinking “misbehavior”

Is your interpretation of your child's or partner's behavior sucking the power out of your partnership?

2016-11-30The Big Picture

Expanding your perspective is a skill you can develop.

2016-10-27Rethinking “Evil”

Next time you think your child, partner, friend, or anyone is being "evil" or "bad"... think again.

2016-06-24Can We Be Real?

Let's look at Authenticity from every angle.

2016-05-06What Is Partnership?

To be truly intimate with a question, you have to move in with it for a while.