Infinite Love

by Scott Noelle

Everyone knows 1+1=2. But what is infinity plus one? It’s still infinity! In other words, infinity doesn’t play by the rules of simple math.

To love unconditionally, you have to play the infinity game. You have to transcend the zero-sum game that says love is scarce.

You have to question the belief that every time you give love to your child, less love is available to your other child... or your partner... or yourself.

Improve Your Groove

Today, practice remembering your connection to Infinite Love. Every time you give from that Love, imagine your “Love Account” balance becoming Infinity minus one, which is still Infinity!

When you drop the belief that love is scarce — that it must be divided “fairly” between family members — and you just follow your heart instead, you’ll begin to experience that Love really IS infinite.

Originally published on 2007-01-17
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