The Daily Groove Story

I started writing The Daily Groove more than a decade ago to provide a different kind of support for parents.

Conventional parenting advice focuses on managing children’s behavior, but it doesn’t give you what you really need:  a whole new understanding of human nature, relationships, and power — one that makes “behavior management” obsolete and irrelevant.

As Einstein famously said, we can’t solve our problems with the same kind of thinking that created them. In parenting, most problems are created or sustained by the mistaken belief that control is the same as power. Parents who are truly powerful don’t focus on controlling their children’s behavior, nor are they controlled by their children.

Authentic power has nothing to do with controlling.  But when you feel “out of control,” that is precisely when you most need to reconnect with your authentic power.

Through The Daily Groove, I teach creative empowerment strategies that can transform your parenting and all your relationships. To keep it simple, we focus on four positive pathways to power:

Partnership, Authenticity, Trust, and Heart

You can start your journey right now by exploring The Daily Groove archive. (It’s free!) Or you can buy my book of classic “grooves” — brief tips and ideas for parenting the PATH Way — and keep it at your bedside, in your purse, or any place where it will catch your eye when you need inspiration.

To accelerate your transformation, you can work with me directly. I’m available for private coaching sessions by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

The more you immerse yourself in The PATH Way, the more you’ll enjoy empowering relationships with your children, your significant others, and especially your Self. That’s how you transform the daily grind into a fantastic daily GROOVE!

About Me

My passion is helping people develop their parenting, relationship, and self-empowerment skills, so they can enjoy authentic partnerships and raise confident, connected, creative children. I do this through coaching, mentoring, writing, speaking, group facilitation, and advocacy work.

I’ve had the good fortune of collaborating with some of my intellectual heroes, including the late Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept, and more recently Peter Gray, author of Free to Learn.

When I’m not coaching parents, I get to “practice what I preach” with my lovely partner, Beth, and our two wonderful adolescent children. Beth and I met each other in the late 1980s through our work as professional singers, and today the whole family loves musical theatre and a cappella singing.

My love for harmony (both musical and interpersonal) along with many years of being a “holistic voice teacher” — helping adult singers overcome both inner and outer obstacles to creative expression — laid much of the foundation for my work as a parenting/life coach beginning in 2003.

When I realized that parents need regular reminders to change their way of thinking about children and parenting, The Daily Groove was born. Each “groove” message presents a single, powerful idea that you can read in about a minute.

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