Two Kinds of Power

by Scott Noelle

Most people in our culture are confused about power. Everyone wants it, but few trust it.

We have painful memories of our parents or other elders using their power against us. Today, parents who value peace and gentleness often disown their power for fear of abusing it.

You can end the confusion by making a distinction between Authentic Power and what I call “pseudo-power.”

Pseudo-power is the fleeting sense of power you get from controlling and dominating others. It arises from the belief that power is scarce and can only be gained by taking it from someone else. But you can never get enough pseudo-power, because the more you get, the more you disconnect from your Authentic Power.

Authentic Power comes from within. It’s the source of your creativity, inner freedom, and unconditional love. It’s abundantly available to all, so you never have to take it from anyone. In fact, connecting with your Authentic Power empowers you to empower others — including your children!

Improve Your Groove

Today, look for opportunities to shift into Authentic Power by letting go of any impulse to control or have power over others — especially your children. Then decide to be powerful with them, and trust your creative intuition to show you the way.

Originally published on 2015-03-06
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