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2017-11-24Fire Drill!

With a little practice, you can avoid getting "burned" by anger...

2017-11-22Obligatory Thanksgiving?

Social expectations can take all the fun out of giving thanks.

2017-11-20The Oxygen Mask Rule

Here's why self-sacrifice doesn't work for parents OR kids...

2017-11-17WordWatch: “Should/Shouldn’t”

Are you being "should upon"?

2017-11-15Driving With the Brakes On

Don't try harder, resist less.

2017-11-13The Cast Party

If life is like a play, here's how to make it more like a comedy than a tragedy...

2017-11-10“I Didn’t Sign Up For This!”

Don't settle for a parenthood that is merely tolerable.

2017-11-08Goodness Is Inspired, Not Required

When you're free, it feels good to do good.

2017-11-06WordWatch: “Always/Never”

"Never say never" is good advice -- sometimes but not always...

2017-11-03PREsponsive Parenting

Behind every "good" child is a (p)responsive parent.

2017-11-01The One Choice You Always Have

Have you ever really considered what it takes to love unconditionally?

2017-10-30Patience vs. Presence

If being "patient" feels like self-sacrifice, here's a better option...

2017-10-27Life Is Messy... Get Over It!

Messiness is next to Happiness.

2017-10-25What Makes Kids So Wonderful?

HInt: It's the same thing that makes YOU wonderful!

2017-10-23Seeing the Forest for the Trees

In the big picture... All Is Well.

2017-10-20From REactive to PROactive

To stop parenting on auto-pilot, start parenting on purpose.

2017-10-18Two Kinds of Responsibility (Part 2)

How to pivot from false responsibility (blame) to the real thing.

2017-10-16Two Kinds of Responsibility

One word with two contradictory meanings. No wonder people get confused!

2017-10-13Relieving Time Pressure

Hint: It's entirely make believe and has no power except that which you give it!

2017-10-10Love Notes To Myself

You can send messages to the future.