What is “Authentic Power”?

by Scott Noelle

We live in a culture that is very confused about power. So if you want to live a truly empowered life and have mutually empowering relationships, you need to start by making a clear distinction between “pseudo-power” and the Real Deal...

Inner freedom, acceptance, presence, creativity, self-esteem, and unconditional love are expressions of Authentic Power — power that comes from within oneself.

You can’t take it from others or give it away. You just have it.

Authentic Power defies common sense. It can make you feel abundant even when you’re not getting what you want, or at peace even when you “should” be upset.

Your Authentic Power can influence others through inspiration, but it doesn’t give you control over them. When you seek power through control, you lose touch with your Authentic Power.

Likewise, when you believe that other people or life conditions have control over your internal experience, you’re essentially “giving your power away.”

Thankfully, you can never be truly disconnected from your Authentic Power.

In adult relationships as well as parent-child relationships, people play an endless variety of power games, most of which have one thing in common: confusing Authentic Power with control.

Improve Your Groove

Today, as you interact with others, ask yourself if you’re seeking control (“power over”), being controlled (“power under”), or feeling authentically powerful (“power with”). Notice that Authentic Power feels deeper, steadier, and more enduring.

Originally published on 2015-01-13
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