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2017-08-30The Joy of Sharing

Genuine sharing is never forced, always inspired and inspiring.

2017-08-28The 51% Principle

How to be a "good enough" parent.

2017-08-24Every Experience Is a Gift

...even the "bad" ones.

2017-08-21Eclipsed by Love

It's just... so... cosmic!

2017-08-18Implicit Validation

What children really need for their emotional well-being.

2017-08-16FEEL Your Way to Find Your Way

Enhance your wisdom by integrating your rational and emotional sides.

2017-08-14The (Real) Magic Word

You'll be pleased to know it's not please...

2017-08-11There is only YES

No... Really! :)

2017-08-09Kids Hear Your Vibe, Not Your Words

Maybe your child has a good reason not to listen...

2017-08-07Positive Apology

Focusing on guilt and remorse defeats the purpose.

2017-08-05Strength + Flexibility = REAL Security

Your powerful presence is not a product of what you do, it's the essence of Who You Are.

2017-08-02Off the Beaten Path

How to be authentic even when you feel social pressure to be "normal."

2017-07-31Pivoting to Partnership

You might be surprised at how easily you can transform a "negative" emotion into a positive, pleasing, powerful connection.

2017-07-29Needs and Desires (Part 4)

How to boost your creativity by re-interpreting your needs.

2017-07-26Needs and Desires (Part 3)

Tap into the power of unconditional well-being.

2017-07-24Needs and Desires (Part 2)

Resisting pain vs. inviting pleasure...

2017-07-21Needs and Desires (Part 1)

Are you using the word 'need' to obscure coercion?

2017-07-19Unconditional Presence

Just show up and you'll have more power than you know what to do with.

2017-07-17Swashbuckling Through Parenthood

Are you holding too tightly or too loosely?

2017-07-13The Power of AND

Unlock your creativity with a single, three-letter word!