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2017-04-21Making Peace With What Is

Peaceful parenting begins with your inner peace.

2017-04-19The Benefit of the Doubt

Doubting your reason for being upset benefits YOU.

2017-04-17Transcending Culture

Your parenting is about to get bigger than society's illusions.

2017-04-14The Absolute Value of Your Child

Love is the only true Absolute.

2017-04-12The Power of Attraction

Explore the connection between attraction and creation.

2017-04-10Protectiveness vs. Trust

Sometimes trusting children to protect themselves is the most effective protection.

2017-04-07Riding Coattails

It only takes one past success to prove that another one is possible.

2017-04-05Rethinking Consistency

Don't let yourself be shamed into rigid parenting.

2017-04-03Interpret Your Way to Partnership

Choosing better interpretations creates better relationships.

2017-03-31Acceptance vs. Tolerance

This distinction is the key to your inner peace.

2017-03-29Love Train

The more you imagine love, the more love you create.

2017-03-27The Big Lie

Virtually all control struggles derive from a single, culturally sanctioned distortion of the truth.

2017-03-24The Joy of “Manipulation”

It's not such a bad thing when it's an expression of partnership.

2017-03-22Not Wrong

How would your life be different if there were no such thing as being "wrong"?

2017-03-20No Regrets

Let Mother Nature inspire you to focus forward, free of guilt and regret.

2017-03-17Say YES to Desire

You can "be a yes" even when the answer is no.

2017-03-15The Play Ethic

All work and no play makes Jack & Jill very dull parents.

2017-03-10Red Light, Green Light

Peaceful parenting is easy if you know when to stop and when to go.

2017-03-08Creator, or Reactor?

When you react to something, you teach your children that it's more powerful than you are.

2017-03-06The Joy of NOT Being Known

Acting like you know your children can get in the way of seeing how they've changed.