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2017-03-08Creator, or Reactor?

When you react to something, you teach your children that it's more powerful than you are.

2017-03-06The Joy of NOT Being Known

Acting like you know your children can get in the way of seeing how they've changed.

2017-03-03The Joy of Being Known

Our children feel loved when we demonstrate that we know Who They Are.

2017-03-01Inner Freedom Feels Good

You get to choose what you think about your child -- or anything.

2017-02-27“What’s GOOD about that?”

How to practice the Art of Unconditionality in the face of "bad" conditions.

2017-02-24Be Unreasonable!

Discover one of the fastest ways to eliminate stress.

2017-02-22Your Emotional Guidance (Part 2)

How it works in a typical parenting situation.

2017-02-20Your Emotional Guidance

Your emotions can guide you toward greater spiritual well-being.

2017-02-20Grow or Die: A Personal Update

(Don't worry, I'm alive and well!)

2017-01-16“What Happened?!”

When you ask this question, you might be unconsciously giving your power away.

2017-01-12I’d Rather Feel Good!

Are you sacrificing the good for the right?

2017-01-11Have a REALLY Nice Day! :)

It's nice to know that you and your children are worthy of your heart's desires.

2017-01-10Have a NICE day!

Would you rather be "nice" or authentic?

2017-01-09Go With the Flow... Even If It’s ‘Wrong’

Correcting your child may have unintended consequences.

2017-01-05Be Selective... Go Shopping!

If what you're thinking about your child feels bad, don't buy it.

2017-01-04Growing Down

Maybe what you want for your kids is what you want for yourself, too.

2017-01-01Death + Birth = Life

The death of the old year makes the birth of a New Year possible.

2016-12-30Who’s Demanding?

Are you 'should-ing' on yourself?

2016-12-29Leading-edge Parenting Requires Faith

It takes time for inner changes to be reflected in outer conditions.

2016-12-28Resistance Is Futile

The way to end the unwanted behavior of a child (without resorting to violence) is to stop trying to end it!