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2017-10-23Seeing the Forest for the Trees

In the big picture... All Is Well.

2017-10-20From REactive to PROactive

To stop parenting on auto-pilot, start parenting on purpose.

2017-10-18Two Kinds of Responsibility (Part 2)

How to pivot from false responsibility (blame) to the real thing.

2017-10-16Two Kinds of Responsibility

One word with two contradictory meanings. No wonder people get confused!

2017-10-13Relieving Time Pressure

Hint: It's entirely make believe and has no power except that which you give it!

2017-10-10Love Notes To Myself

You can send messages to the future.

2017-10-08The Shadow of a Doubt

Fear of disapproval is an indicator of self-judgment. Let it go.

2017-10-05Confidently Uncertain

If you're willing to defy logic, you can use this tactic to help your kids feel more secure.

2017-10-02Healthy Selfishness

What's good for the goose is good for the gosling... and vice versa.

2017-09-29Hindsight In Foresight

Transform failure into fun with a little time travel trick!

2017-09-27Get In a Receiving Mode: An Example

You'll see it when you believe it.

2017-09-25Get In a Receiving Mode

"Ask and ye shall receive" is only true if you eventually stop asking and start receiving.

2017-09-22Nothing but Roses

Children need extra time to "stop and smell the roses."

2017-09-20Easing Exhaustion from Within

If you can't get the rest you need, maybe you can reduce your need for rest.

2017-09-18Emotional Midwifery

What if your upset really has nothing to do with your child?


How to handle naysayers with the ingenuity of a 3-year-old.

2017-09-11No Consequences

Play this thought game to liberate yourself from "shoulds" and connect with Inner Guidance.

2017-09-08Unconditional Presence: The Oak Tree

When in doubt, use this image to ground yourself and get really present.

2017-09-06A Human Becoming

Your child is a process, not a product...

2017-09-04Be Real

And remember that being mean is not an expression of your true self.