The Amazing Power of Grace

by Scott Noelle

When your heart is closed and you feel angry, anxious, ashamed, depressed, hateful, or otherwise disconnected from Well Being, grace allows you to reconnect instantly.

Many people believe that grace is a gift from God, but you needn’t be religious to know that grace feels like a miracle. The pain of disconnection simply vanishes and is replaced by the divine pleasure of knowing that All Is Well.

Grace gives you the courage to let go of the past and the future, so you can come fully into the present, which is where your Authentic Power resides.

In this right-now, present moment, you have the power to choose love for no reason at all — unconditionally.

You could say that grace is a collaboration between you and the divine: it happens when you accept the gift of free will and use it to free yourself from the illusion of disconnection.

Improve Your Groove

Today, write the word GRACE on the back of your hand or someplace where you’ll notice it often. Every time you see it, check in with your heart: Does it feel open or closed?

If you feel disconnected from your child, partner, or anyone (including yourself), invite a moment of grace by remembering that you are unconditionally free to open your heart.

BTW: Choosing love is absolutely NOT the same as being “nice” or even “positive.” In a moment of grace, you know that love is beyond dualities like nice/mean and positive/negative. Authentic Love is bigger than that!

Originally published on 2015-01-26
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