“I Feel Like Screaming!”

by Scott Noelle

As you embrace the idea of honoring your emotional guidance, you may wonder, “But what about when I’m so frustrated that I feel like screaming at my child?”

First, remember that emotional guidance is letting your emotions guide your thoughts, not your actions directly. As your thinking comes into alignment with your Authentic Self, you’ll be inspired to better actions. Negative emotions are cues to go within and get centered before you act.

Second, realize that when you’re angry at your child, it’s only because you’ve been culturally conditioned to believe that if you feel bad, someone must be to blame.

The key to moving beyond blame is to allow the blameful thoughts, but take no action against the “blamee”. Take only the “inner action” of reaching for better-feeling thoughts.

If you can’t stop yourself, try deep breathing, taking a walk, or screaming into a pillow — anything to redirect the energy harmlessly.

Originally published on 2007-07-10
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