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2016-11-09Love Trumps...

It's the only real cure for hatred and fear.

2016-10-23Your “Ungodly” Power

You ARE powerful, even if you lack supernatural power.

2016-10-15BE the Change

Instead of seeing a problem, see a solution unfolding.

2016-09-09Tooth-brushing Toddlers and the ‘Have-To’ Dilemma

How to take your power back and do it the partnership way.

2016-08-19Should Parents Play With Children LESS?

You can provide abundant nurturing without becoming a "play slave."

2016-06-17“Help! My son is using pornography.”

Using the power of partnership to address a child's obsession with porn.

2016-06-03EdNextGen: Follow-up Q&A

Getting to the "nitty gritty" of real-life, partnership parenting challenges.

2016-05-06What Is Partnership?

To be truly intimate with a question, you have to move in with it for a while.

2016-04-23The Tyranny of FOMO

Don't miss out on this fantastic article! :)

2016-03-20My Struggle With “Education”

Since this is a post about education, let's talk about sex...

2016-01-24The Wizard of YOU

The yellow brick road is not the most direct path to your Inner Power.

2016-01-09Danger Isn’t Wrong

You can teach safety without demonizing danger.

2016-01-04Acceptance vs. Tolerance: An Example

Here's how to harness the power of acceptance, with or without tolerance.

2015-12-26Power Confusion and the “Spoiled Brat”

When you clarify power confusion and embody that clarity, everything changes.

2015-12-21The Morality Trap

When well-meaning parents are trapped in endless parent-child conflict because of their traditional values, it's time for a morality upgrade.

2015-12-10Strange Bedfellows

What to do when you find yourself in bed with the "wrong" people.

2015-11-15“Please understand me!”

Antisocial behavior is not natural, but it is a call for understanding.

2015-08-29The Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome

Is your child "fine" at school but ferocious immediately after school? Here's why...

2015-04-01The Mashed Potato Maneuver

"Bad manners" cannot exist without the help of your mind overlaying an observation with a judgment.

2015-03-23Q&A: For Child, Does “Prison” Provide Maximum Security?

When something "works" in one context, that doesn't mean it's right for every context.