What Is “YES-Energy”? (Part 1)

by Scott Noelle

The next time your child makes a request that you’d normally say YES to, intentionally answer YES with heightened enthusiasm and joy. As you do this, feel the extreme “yesness” of your response...

That’s “YES-energy”!

YES-energy can also be expressed as optimism, clarity, certainty, peace, alignment, flow, presence, etc. — with or without a literal YES. It’ll soothe (and often satisfy) your child when a literal YES isn’t practical.

You can’t “spoil” a child with too much YES-energy. The way to spoil children is to give them too many literal YES’s that are devoid of YES-energy, such as when parents are self-sacrificing or afraid of how their children will react to a NO.

Improve Your Groove

Today, set the intention to amplify your YES-energy every time you respond to your child — regardless of whether your literal answer is YES or NO. This is one of the best ways for you and your child to establish a pleasurable, cooperative “groove.”

Originally published on 2007-07-13
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