The Power of Intention

by Scott Noelle

When you’ve been feeling mostly positive for a while, it starts to feel normal. You begin to think of yourself as someone who “always” feels good about your parenting and life in general. You’ve got positive momentum, which is what makes your daily groove “groovy”! :)

You can create more positive momentum by being intentional — consciously intending to enjoy parenting more.

Improve Your Groove

For the next few days, experiment with setting specific intentions, especially during transition times. For example...

  • A new mother going to bed says to herself, “Even if the baby wakes me several times, I’m going to relax as much as I can and savor every moment of rest I do get.”
  • A father of teens wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Today I’m going to notice and appreciate the kids’ creativity and passion.”

Set intentions that feel like achievable, incremental improvements. And remember to make it primarily about you — not about how your child behaves, but how you experience the relationship.

Originally published on 2007-07-05
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