What Is “YES-Energy”? (Part 2)

by Scott Noelle

In Part 1 we learned that a parent’s YES-energy is essentially the same as centeredness, alignment, and Presence.

So why the new lingo? Because calling it YES-energy helps you overcome the habit of conditionality: the disempowering belief that your happiness (or your child’s happiness) depends on external conditions.

Imagine how good you’d feel if all the conditions of your life were exactly the way you want them to be. UNconditionality is using the power of your mind to achieve that feeling — without requiring outer conditions to change.

Unconditionality is saying YES to the Energy of Life no matter what — in other words, generating YES-energy with or without a literal YES.

When you deliberately generate YES-energy before responding to your child’s requests, you’re teaching your child the Art of Unconditionality.

Originally published on 2007-07-17
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