An Unconditional Icebreaker

by Scott Noelle

Here’s a game you can play the next time you’re bothered about some unwanted behavior or conditions, especially if you’re just beginning to practice the Art of Unconditionality...

First, step back for a minute or so and imagine having the conditions exactly as you desire. Imagine it vividly enough that you activate the feeling of having the desired conditions.

For example, say you’re annoyed because your child made a huge mess in the house, and you don’t want to clean it up. So you close your eyes and imagine the house in perfect order. You might even amplify the feeling by imagining that someone else did the cleaning for you — maybe even your child! :)

Feeling better? Great! Even if you go back to feeling annoyed the moment you open your eyes, you’ve proven that you don’t need the outer conditions to change in order to feel better. How you feel depends only on how you focus your thoughts.

Imagine that!

Originally published on 2006-08-11
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