Subject: Self-Empowerment

2018-12-14Free Your Child (and Yourself) from Blame

"Hold presence" with your feelings about unwanted behavior instead of reacting to it.

2018-12-12Beyond Blame: Holding the Hot Potato

If you're willing to hold the "hot potato" and not pass it on... Game over!

2018-12-10Presence: The Cure for Blame

Learn the skill that lets you stop the blame game from sucking the life out of your relationships.

2018-12-06Rethinking Everything

How would things be different in a world shaped by Partnership values?

2018-11-19WordWatch: “...MADE me feel...” (Part 3)

Why are people so addicted to this phrase?

2018-11-16WordWatch: “...MADE me feel...” (Part 2)

Take your power back by rethinking what "made" you feel bad.

2018-11-14WordWatch: “...MADE me feel...” (Part 1)

This insidious power drain is easy to spot once you're aware of it.

2018-11-09From PREscriptive to DEscriptive

Words are powerful tools, but don't let them dictate who you are.

2018-11-02The Price of Power (Part 3)

The misunderstanding and fear of responsibility keeps most people from enjoying their power.

2018-10-31The Price of Power (Part 2)

The greatest power requires no less than your unconditional surrender.

2018-10-29The Price of Power

Authentic power is free, but to feel powerful there's a price to pay.

2018-10-24“What’s GOOD about that?”

How to practice the Art of Unconditionality in the face of "bad" conditions.

2018-09-10Boycott That Thought!

You can single-handedly put negative thoughts out of business in the marketplace of your mind.

2018-08-06The Amazing Power of Grace

Sometimes you need to allow for a more miraculous solution...

2018-07-26The Power of Inner Freedom

You can have what you want... when you are free not to have it.

2018-05-30“Once Upon A Time” (Part 2)

Take a look at your unconscious storytelling.

2018-05-28“Once Upon A Time” (Part 1)

Everyone loves stories. But why?

2018-05-19Emergency Stress Relief

It's completely free, natural, and available anytime and anywhere (except underwater)...

2018-04-12Radical Honesty (Part 1)

Can you accept the "unacceptable"?

2018-03-30Authentic Pleasure Is Priority One

(Self-sacrificing martyrs are going to hate this one.)