Subject: Parenting

2018-08-08The Canary In the Coal Mine

Children's sensitivity is a blessing, and when parents take it seriously, everyone wins.

2018-07-16Small Body, Big Spirit

Mother Nature doesn't aim for mediocre.

2018-06-25What Is “YES-Energy”? (Part 2)

Here's what you're really saying yes to...

2018-06-20What Is “YES-Energy”? (Part 1)

It's not what you say, it's how you feel when you say it.

2018-06-16“I Feel Like Screaming!”

Your feelings are valid, but don't use them to justify violence.

2018-06-14The Power of Intention

Getting into a good groove doesn't happen by random luck.

2018-06-11Is Joy Knocking On Your Door?

Even when your child "misbehaves"... Joy knocks.

2018-06-02Power Is Your Friend

Is it time for a reconciliation between you and your power?

2018-05-30“Once Upon A Time” (Part 2)

Take a look at your unconscious storytelling.

2018-05-28“Once Upon A Time” (Part 1)

Everyone loves stories. But why?

2018-05-24The Perspective Game

Playing this game will make you smarter AND more compassionate.

2018-05-21Worry Less, Love More

Your anxieties can become reminders of your power to choose love.

2018-05-19Emergency Stress Relief

It's completely free, natural, and available anytime and anywhere (except underwater)...

2018-05-16The Look

Your eyes can be a portal to your heart.

2018-05-14Contraction vs. Expansion

Your body is trying to tell you something.

2018-05-10DARE To Be Real!

If kids can enjoy a good dare, so can you.

2018-05-07Beyond DOs and DON’Ts

What you say is not as important as how it feels.

2018-05-04WordWatch: “Don’t...”

DO NOT read this message!

2018-05-02Inner Separation Anxiety (Part 2)

Real security is created from the inside out.

2018-04-27Inner Separation Anxiety (Part 1)

Physical separation isn't the only kind.