Subject: Parenting

2018-12-23Parenting: Take No Prisoners!*

Wouldn't you rather be an emancipator than an incarcerator!?

2018-12-17What Kind of Leader Are You?

A true leader is a partner to his or her followers.

2018-12-14Free Your Child (and Yourself) from Blame

"Hold presence" with your feelings about unwanted behavior instead of reacting to it.

2018-12-10Presence: The Cure for Blame

Learn the skill that lets you stop the blame game from sucking the life out of your relationships.

2018-12-06Rethinking Everything

How would things be different in a world shaped by Partnership values?

2018-12-03Beyond “Setting Limits” – Part 4 – The Limitless Potential of Adolescence

"Limits" and "consequences" don't work for teenagers, either. Partnership works.

2018-11-30Beyond “Setting Limits” – Part 3 – Creating Safety

Help your child avoid danger without becoming a source of danger yourself.

2018-11-28Beyond “Setting Limits” – Part 2 – Natural vs. Artificial Limits

Understanding the difference will help you shift from the parent-as-limit-setter model to the partnership parenting model.

2018-11-26Beyond “Setting Limits” (Part 1)

Everyone says, "Children need limits!" But is it really true?

2018-11-16WordWatch: “...MADE me feel...” (Part 2)

Take your power back by rethinking what "made" you feel bad.

2018-11-14WordWatch: “...MADE me feel...” (Part 1)

This insidious power drain is easy to spot once you're aware of it.

2018-11-12Does ‘Peaceful Parenting’ Work?

(Yes, but real peace requires a sincere commitment to conscious inner work.)

2018-11-07Creative Democracy

Who says there can be only one winner?

2018-11-05On Leadership

Real leaders have power with -- not power over -- their followers.

2018-10-31The Price of Power (Part 2)

The greatest power requires no less than your unconditional surrender.

2018-10-29The Price of Power

Authentic power is free, but to feel powerful there's a price to pay.

2018-10-26Unconditionality vs. Desires

To desire something is not the same as being "attached" to it.

2018-10-24“What’s GOOD about that?”

How to practice the Art of Unconditionality in the face of "bad" conditions.

2018-10-22The Myth of Fairness

Taking rules too seriously can rob you of your inner power.

2018-10-19Terrible Two’s and Rebellious Teens... NOT!

What happens when young people are allowed to explore and express their authentic power?