Weird Is Good!

by Scott Noelle

Our culture is full of contradictions. For example, it’s good to be unique and original, but it’s not good to go too far off the beaten path... “Don’t be weird!

But aren’t uniqueness and originality weird by definition?

So let’s settle this once and for all: It’s good to be weird! In fact, the words weird and worthy have the same root. (Really!)

If you subscribe to The Daily Groove, you’re probably a weird parent. You don’t do conventional parenting, and you probably get strange looks from parents who do. If you think they think you’re weird, it’s because they do!

But only because YOU ARE! :)

So get a piece of paper and write “Weird Things I Do” along the top, then make a list... a LONG list.

When you’re done, cross out “Weird Things I Do” and change it to “Things I Appreciate About Myself!”

Now, whenever someone points out your weirdness, you can proudly agree and accept the compliment: “Thanks!” :)

Originally published on 2006-08-14
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