Unreasonable Love

by Scott Noelle

To love unconditionally means you don’t need a “reason” to justify loving. In other words...

  1. When you have a good reason to love, then you love.
  2. When you have a good reason not to love, you love anyway.
  3. You love for no reason at all.

In our conditional-loving culture, “reasonable” loving is the norm. So today let’s practice the second and third types of loving...

Improve Your Groove

Whenever your child behaves in a way that would conventionally be seen as an excuse to love less, be a rebel and love more! That doesn’t mean praising behavior you dislike, it means responding with your heart wide open.

Also, draw a heart on the back of your hand (or create any easily noticeable cue), and whenever you notice it, say “I love you” or offer your child a hug, a loving gaze, or any loving gesture.

How does it feel to love “just because”? Are you willing to love yourself “unreasonably” too? :)

Originally published on 2007-01-04
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