The Power of Humility

by Scott Noelle

The root of the word humble means “earth” or “ground.” To be humble, then, is to be grounded.

As you stand over the ground, the ground stands under you. In other words, it “understands” you. Likewise, as you practice humility, you become more understanding of others.

Perhaps the greatest power of humility is that it empowers you to grow. When you’re humble enough to admit your ignorance (without berating yourself), you create space for learning and growth.

Always remember that embracing humility is empowering, not humiliating. Humiliation is when humility is forced on you. When you’re already humble, you can’t be humiliated.

Improve Your Groove

Today, if you notice yourself resisting humiliation — e.g., when your child “acts out” in public, or when you compare yourself to other parents — tell yourself, “Humility IS Power!” Feel the power of the ground under your feet and imagine yourself merging with that Power.

Patience, compassion, and creativity come easily when you feel connected to the Ground of Being that understands everything.

Originally published on 2006-12-26
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