Blessing the Mirror

by Scott Noelle

Today, stand before a mirror and bless it for the gift of reflection...

“Thank you, blessed mirror, for helping me see myself, so I can use that awareness to express myself more authentically.

“Thank you for letting me see when my face shows signs of stress, so I can shift my thinking until my reflection indicates that I’ve found my way back to Well-Being.”

You know where this is going, don’t you? . . .  Your child is the mirror!

When you don’t like what you see in your child, there’s a good chance s/he’s reflecting some aspect of yourself that’s out of alignment with Who You Really Are.

Be open to seeing that. And remember that it’s rarely a literal reflection. Children often reflect their parents’ shadows in exaggerated or quirky ways. Follow your intuition.

Bless your beloved “mirror” and focus on being true to your Self. Eventually, your child will reflect your Truth back to you.

Originally published on 2007-01-05
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