Are You Resisting Resistance?

by Scott Noelle

As you come to understand that following the path of least resistance brings out your best parenting, your willingness to tolerate inner resistance will decrease.

The pitfall here is the tendency to become even more resistant... by resisting resistance itself!

When you say things like “I shouldn’t be so impatient,” “A good parent wouldn’t get angry about that,” etc., you’re resisting your own resistance.

To avoid that trap, you must be willing to accept your resistance even as you choose not to tolerate it! Your inner thinking/feeling process might go something like this:

"I don't like feeling so impatient! (or angry, hopeless, overwhelmed, etc.) But that's how I'm feeling, and I can accept it... It's okay. It's not wrong, it just IS. (sigh...) In a way, I appreciate the stress because it tells me I've gone off course and helps me get back on track..."

Improve Your Groove

Whenever you notice yourself in resistance today, deliberately make peace with it. Remember that accepting resistance is the first step toward releasing it and getting back in your groove!

Originally published on 2007-05-09
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