A Lot Can Change In One Year

by Scott Noelle

Watching children grow is one of the pleasures of parenthood. Some days you wake up and your child appears to have grown a few inches overnight!

But these apparent quantum leaps are in fact the culmination of countless tiny changes, each of which seems insignificant by itself.

Your inner growth as a parent is no different. You wake up one day and realize you’ve found your groove! You’re enjoying parenthood most of the time, and your “bad” days are now better than your “good” days used to be.

And while you’ll certainly have “aha!” moments — your inner growth spurts — it’s the many, small, day-to-day choices that, over time, transform your path through the wilderness of leading-edge parenting into an easily traveled groove.

Isn’t it nice to know that even if you only get 1% “groovier” every day, you’ll be 365% groovier in a year?!*

* My nerdy friends like to point out that you’d actually be 3778% groovier if your grooviness were compounded daily!

Originally published on 2007-05-10
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