The Path of Least Resistance

by Scott Noelle

Take a moment today to observe the motion of water drops descending on a window, windshield, shower wall, or sink.

Each drop follows its own “path of least resistance” toward Ground, which is rarely a straight line. It flows around obstacles in the easiest possible way. When the obstacle is another drop, the easiest way might be to merge with it.

Sometimes the easiest path is that which has been established by previous drops. Sometimes it’s easier to stay put until another drop comes along.

In every case, there is no trying, no effort. There is only ease and surrender. That’s Nature’s Way. Evidence of this is everywhere — in the growth patterns of wild plants, the movement of animals, and the behavior of children.

Improve Your Groove

Today, set the intention to flow like water through your day and with your children. Notice that when you feel stressed, you’re resisting in some way.

And when you feel good, you’re going with the Flow.

Originally published on 2007-05-04
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