Rehearsal of Fortune

by Scott Noelle

When my younger daughter was just under five years old, she went every day with my wife to the high-school musical theatre rehearsals, where my wife was the rehearsal accompanist.

The word “rehearsal,” like most words, was new to the wee one, and when I would ask where they were going, she would say, “We’re going to REVERSAL.”

Hmmm..... Out of the mouths of babes comes great wisdom!

Improve Your Groove

So today, if you make an error in judgment, relax... You can easily reverse it by “rehearsing” the correct path. Simply go back in memory to the moment just before you made the wrong turn, and imagine going the way you’d rather have gone. Replay the right way over and over until it feels completely normal.

(Of course, what’s “right” is whatever your Inner Guidance tells you is right.)

Next time, having reversed and rehearsed, you’ll deliver a masterful performance...

Break a leg!

Originally published on 2006-08-01
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