Posted 2016-01-28

News: Scott Noelle in Philadelphia

by Scott Noelle

This is a copy of the email sent by Peter Bergson, co-founder of the Natural Creativity Center and Open Connections, to his Philadelphia-area contacts. All area parents interested in self-directed education are welcome to join us. (If you are not on Peter Bergson’s mailing list, just say you’re a friend of mine.)

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to announce that my colleague Scott Noelle will be in town this coming Saturday, January 30th, and would like to meet with parents who are engaged in — or even considering — self-directed education/unschooling for and with their young people.

We have scheduled a time to gather for conversation, Q&A, and creative sharing from 1:30 to 3pm at the Natural Creativity Center and would welcome your presence and participation.

There is of course no charge for this session and light refreshments will be served. Please RSVP to me either via e-mail or by calling 888.208.0576 (ext. 3).

Here is some background on Scott:

Parenting coach and author Scott Noelle will be visiting the Natural Creativity Center as a part of his 5-state tour of alternative schools and learning centers that support self-directed education. His goal is to meet the parents of self-directed learners and share parenting strategies that make life easier for both parents and their youths. In the process, he will be learning more about the parents’ needs and challenges—especially if transitioning from a traditional school environment—and developing together creative solutions that can be shared with parents at other self-directed learning centers across the country.

This Saturday from 1:30 to 3:00, at NCC, Scott will facilitate a group discussion and respond to questions you may have about the art of parenting self-directed learners. NCC is located on the second floor of the education building of The First United Methodist Church of Germantown, 6001 Germantown Avenue, between E. High Street and E. Walnut Lane.

Scott is from Portland, Oregon, where he lives with his wife and their two teenagers (ages 14 and 18) who have enjoyed self-directed learning their whole lives. His website is

I hope to see you on Saturday. Please feel free to invite any interested friends and do RSVP. Thanks.

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