Falling In Love for the First Time... Again

by Scott Noelle

Do you remember the moment you fell in love with your child for the first time? For some it happens before birth, for some it’s the moment of birth (“love at first sight”), and for some love blossoms much later.

For most parents it’s easier to love a newborn unconditionally than an older child, because we have fewer expectations of babies — their existence alone is a blessing.

Improve Your Groove

Today, take a moment to recall the times your child has inspired your heart to open wider than ever before. Let yourself re-experience that glorious feeling of Pure Love washing over and through you!

The more often you deliberately re-activate that feeling, the easier it’ll be to stay centered in your heart — even under conditions that seem unacceptable.

When you feel your heart closing, simply recall those peak experiences to help you return to your natural state of open-hearted, easy-flowing Love.

Tell yourself often: “Unconditional Love is my birth-rite!”

Originally published on 2006-12-22
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