Hindsight In Foresight

by Scott Noelle

Think of something you like about yourself. No matter how humble you are, you wouldn’t be reading The Daily Groove if you didn’t believe yourself to be groovy in some way!

But you weren’t always so groovy, right? Before you found that particular groove, you were grooveless. Your life is a work in progress, and you are progressing.

You get a little groovier every time you learn something, and you’ve learned a LOT from your life experience — including your “failures.”

Some of your best qualities were once failings! So why not look ahead to the time when you’ll look back on today’s “failings” and see them as precursors of grooviness?

You can use this “hindsight in foresight” with your kids, too. When they seem to be getting something “wrong,” imagine them ten years from now, by which time they’ll surely have it down. From there, you can look back on today’s mishap and appreciate it as a part of their learning process.

Originally published on 2006-10-20
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