Fire Drill!

by Scott Noelle

A fire drill is when a fire alarm is set off intentionally so you can practice responding wisely in the event of a real fire. When you’ve gone through the motions repeatedly, your body will “know” what to do even if you freak out and can’t think clearly.

Parental anger is like a raging fire that can consume you and your child. But you can predetermine your escape route and rehearse it by doing “emotional fire drills” when you’re feeling relaxed and clear-minded.

Start by imagining a frustrating situation until you feel a sense of the anger it might elicit. Then practice whatever technique works for you to transform or redirect the anger energy in a harmless way.

Techniques that involve a physical component — such as deep breathing, whole-body movement, or vocalizing — are especially effective. Have fun with it! :)

Most importantly, choose or create an anger transformation routine that leads you back to your heart — empowered, centered, and creative — and practice until you can get there even in the heat of the moment.

Originally published on 2006-12-20
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