Your Emotional Guidance (Part 2)

by Scott Noelle

(Cont’d from Part 1)

A mother sees her toddler snatch a toy from his baby sister, who starts crying. The mother is outraged.

The conventional view is that the child’s behavior made the mother angry. But the cause of her outrage was actually her thoughts about the behavior. Those thoughts flashed by so quickly she didn’t notice them. Thoughts like...

  • He’s traumatizing the baby!
  • What’ve I done wrong to create that behavior?
  • What would my friends think if they saw that?
  • I am powerless to stop the behavior without resorting to punishments.

These thoughts are out of accord with her Higher Self who knows her limitless creativity and freedom, her absolute worthiness, and her children’s abundant well-being.

The anger is her Emotional Guidance telling her she’s gone off track. She will find relief (and eventually her “groove”) by deliberately reaching for soothing thoughts, like...

  • The baby always recovers quickly.
  • My desire to be a good parent is stronger than ever.
  • Whoever judges me is not my friend anyway.
  • I can connect with my Authentic Power regardless of his behavior.

When she feels relief, that’s her Emotional Guidance letting her know she’s moving her thoughts in the right direction.

Try it!

Originally published on 2006-06-08
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