Be Unreasonable!

by Scott Noelle

When parenting becomes stressful, notice what you’re thinking. You’ll discover that you have a “good reason” for your stress:

  • I’m worried because ___________.
  • I’m angry because ___________.
  • I feel guilty because ___________.

When you have a good reason to be stressed, the fastest way to release the stress is to let yourself be UNreasonable.

Why? Because it’s more important to feel good than to be “right.”

Why? Because good feelings are your Emotional Guidance indicating that you’re aligning with your Authentic Self.

So being unreasonable is actually quite reasonable! :)

Does this mean ignoring things that need attention? Not at all. It just means you’ve realized that there is no reason good enough to justify sacrificing your peace.

Your connection to Well-Being is always more important.

Originally published on 2006-06-09
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