The Big Lie

by Scott Noelle

Do you have “control issues”?

The good news is that being a “controller” is a symptom of being intelligent, creative, and passionate... AND duped into believing the Big Lie of our culture: conditionality.

The Big Lie is that you can’t be happy or feel worthy except under the “right” conditions. If you’ve bought into it, then naturally you will use your personal strengths to control those conditions.

For example, if you believe your children have to behave a certain way in order for you to feel good (about them or about yourself), then of course you will try to control their behavior.

Once you realize the purpose of the Big Lie — to control you — you’ll stop believing it.

Practicing the Art of Unconditionality dissolves the Big Lie (and the “need” to control conditions) by affirming the Ultimate Truth: that you have the power to focus your mind in ways that feel good... under any conditions.

Try it!

Originally published on 2006-06-28
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