Love Train

by Scott Noelle

Imagine you’re in a train station awaiting the arrival of a beloved friend or family member whom you haven’t seen in years.

You’ve been anticipating this reunion for days, activating memories of good times you’ve shared, and you know you’re going to explode with joy when you finally meet.

The train arrives and people begin deboarding as you balance on your tip-toes, reaching for a glimpse of your cherished guest. You can barely contain the immense love and joy you’re feeling.....

Now imagine that cherished guest is your child! Not some future adult version but your now/today child, coming off that train, just as eager to connect as you are.

Imagine meeting your child with that same expectation of overflowing love and joy every morning as you rise and every time you reconnect throughout the day.

If you like this idea, imagine it often. Creation begins with imagination.

Originally published on 2006-06-29
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