Unconditional Presence

by Scott Noelle

Practicing presence means deliberately focusing your awareness on the here and now. Being fully present is being at peace with What Is.

Presence is powerful, and children can feel it. They’re attracted to it. Children of highly present parents may seem particularly “obedient,” but they’re simply following their natural desire to align with Authentic Power.

When you’re willing to be present with ALL aspects of your child — not just the “nice” and “good” aspects — you create a context in which your child can more easily let go of resistance and align with Well-Being... and with you, too.

Improve Your Groove

Today, notice when you react to conditions (behaviors) in ways that make you feel less present. Remember that you can choose to stay present anyway.

But don’t choose presence because you “should.” Make your choice based on what feels more empowering to YOU.

Originally published on 2006-09-11
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