Swashbuckling Through Parenthood

by Scott Noelle

Errol Flynn was an early 20th-century film actor who often played the role of a swashbuckling hero. He truly was a masterful swordsman.

When asked how he handled his sword with such grace, he said he held it as if he were holding a small bird...

If held too loosely,
it would fly away.

If held too tightly,
it would be crushed to death.

The key to his mastery was staying tuned in enough to feel that just-right place between too loose and too tight.

Improve Your Groove

Today, as you interact with your child, pay close attention to your feeling of “holdingness.”

Are you holding too loosely?

Open your heart and hold your child closer to its warmth.

Are you holding on too tightly?

Relax your grip and trust that All Is Well.

Originally published on 2006-09-01
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