The Power of Story (Part 1)

by Scott Noelle

Children love stories for their power to evoke creation: Stories told with conviction inspire imaginary worlds that feel real and shape one’s sense of truth.

Anytime you talk about anything, you are in essence telling a story that “in-forms” your world...

  • You tell a story when someone asks you, “How’ve you been?”
  • You tell a story whenever you chat with your friends about how difficult or easy it is to parent your child.
  • You tell yourself stories when you recall good or bad memories, worry about tomorrow, anticipate fun, etc.

Whatever story or theme you repeat most often becomes the story of your life. That means you can change your life by changing your story!

Improve Your Groove

Today, pay attention to what you say — to your child, yourself, and others — and ask yourself, “If this were a story, what kind of story would it be? How do I feel when I tell this story?”

Originally published on 2007-03-14
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