Pushing Buttons

by Scott Noelle

When toddlers get ahold of computer keyboards, telephones, or any other gadgetry, they go wild pushing buttons! They’re driven to discover the magical powers at their fingertips.

At any age, children are driven to push their parents’ “buttons” too! Not because they’re “naughty” but for two reasons:

  1. They need to know what’s there — to map the emotional terrain and keep the map up to date.
  2. It’s an efficient way to get their parents’ heightened attention and feel more powerful.

When your child pushes your buttons, s/he’s doing you a favor: revealing that you’ve given your power away to the triggering behavior or conditions.

When you de-activate your buttons — consciously choosing to stay Connected and Present, regardless of conditions and behavior — you reclaim your Authentic Power! You cease to be someone who can be controlled like a mindless machine.

And your child will lose interest in the buttons you’ve de-activated, especially if you’re also helping him or her find better ways to feel powerful.

Originally published on 2007-03-09
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