Two Kinds of Responsibility

by Scott Noelle

The word responsibility can be confusing because its meaning changes depending on the “active worldview” of the person using it.

The conventional worldview is one of scarcity and competition, where one seeks power through controlling people and conditions, and by being “right.” In that worldview, responsibility means obligation, duty, and/or blame. It makes you feel powerless.

But you have the power to embrace is better worldview: one of abundance and creativity, where power comes from within and is expressed through partnership. In that worldview, responsibility is the ability to respond creatively, and it’s acknowledging that each individual creates his or her own experience of life.

Improve Your Groove

Today, pay close attention to how you feel when you’re trying to be a “responsible” parent. If taking responsibility makes you feel heavy, burdened, guilty, ashamed, or resentful, then it’s time to upgrade your worldview!

Remember that your Inner Freedom gives you the ability to choose how you respond to any parenting situation, in accord with your heart’s desires. That kind of responsibility is a blessing, not a burden.

Originally published on 2006-11-06
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