For the New Year: Remember Your Purpose

by Scott Noelle

Imagine... A lovely, sunny day. You’re alone in a grassy field, kicking a ball around. Your only objective is to enjoy yourself — pure fun!

Some friends show up and join you in play. Someone suggests a game of soccer, so you establish boundaries, goals, and teams. This focuses and intensifies the shared excitement and fun.

Soon, without even noticing, you get so involved in the game that you forget why you were playing in the first place. You become so afraid of losing that the fun is lost.

But then you remember, “Oh, yeah... This was supposed to be FUN!” and you’re back in your groove, instantly! You feel even more empowered as you realize you transformed the game entirely from within — unconditionally.

Improve Your Groove

This year, resolve to let go of worries that prevent you from being fully present with your kids, and remember that parenthood is supposed to be fun.

That’s what Nature intended... And so did you!

Originally published on 2007-01-02
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