Your Heart’s Desire

by Scott Noelle

Today, simply notice how you FEEL as often as possible. Then note the thought beneath the feeling.

Strong positive emotions indicate that your thought is in alignment with your heart’s desire — you’re being authentic!

Strong negative emotions mean that your thought is out of alignment with your heart’s desire — you need a new thought!


Your child ignores your request to come with you, and you feel frustrated. You notice that you’re thinking “s/he doesn’t respect me.”

You ask yourself, “What’s my heart’s desire?” The first answer that comes to mind is “I want to be respected.” But you notice it actually makes you feel a bit worse.

So you go deeper into your heart, and you eventually feel a wave of relief when you think, “I just want to know that I’m worthy of respect, regardless of my child’s behavior.”

The feeling of relief always indicates that your thoughts are coming into alignment with your heart’s desire. And emotions like love and appreciation indicate total alignment...

Welcome home. :)

Originally published on 2007-01-23
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