The Power of Attraction

by Scott Noelle

Attraction means pulling instead of pushing. Psychologically, attraction means you can focus on certain things, and your mind will “pull” matching thoughts and conditions into your awareness and experience.

Today, try this experiment...

Think of one characteristic that you really, really adore and appreciate about your child. Something that makes you smile when you think about it. Pick a keyword or phrase to remind you of this trait, and write it on the back of your hand. (If your child can read, use a code word or symbol instead.)

The idea is to focus on this aspect of your child as many times as you can today. But don’t tell your child specifically what you’re doing — the power is in what you think, not what you say.

You might also put little reminder Post-It notes in places like door handles, telephones, the fridge, your car visor — wherever you frequently look or reach.

After a full day of focusing on this aspect of your child, review the day and note how it affected your interactions.

Can you see how, through your intentional focus, you created (attracted) that experience?

Originally published on 2006-07-12
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