Power Is Your Friend

by Scott Noelle

The abuse of power in parent-child relationships has a long history. And since none of us wants to perpetuate that legacy, we sometimes feel reluctant to exercise any power at all!

This parental fear of power is at the root of many child behavior problems. It’s not that children need to be controlled. (They don’t.) It’s that children expect their parents to be powerful.

Parents who feel powerful, feel secure. And children feel secure when their parents feel secure.

But being powerful is not the same as dominating. Power is expressed most authentically in partnership. Domination is power over; partnership is power with.

Improve Your Groove

Today, look for opportunities to get deeply attuned with your child — perhaps through play or working toward a common goal. Find “the zone” where you’re flowing together harmoniously. (You can find this zone by yourself, as well.)

When you get there, feel it fully... That’s the feeling of Authentic Power! Memorize that feeling and recall it whenever your child needs your powerful Presence.

Originally published on 2007-06-27
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