No Problem!

by Scott Noelle

Having a “bad parenting day”?

Whatever you’re stressing about — your child won’t stop whining... you’re way behind on the laundry... the baby nursed “all” night long... you yelled at the kids again... etc., etc. — remember there are two components to every problem:

  1. The actual condition
  2. Your belief that it IS a problem

In other words, you don’t have to perceive the condition to be wrong or bad.

Would a baby see your mountain of dirty laundry as a problem? No, because wee ones see the world as it is. They haven’t been trained (yet) to pass judgment on Reality, so they don’t see the problems we see.

Well, if a baby can do it, you can, too! :)

Improve Your Groove

Today, try letting go of the idea that conditions “should” be different than they are. Simply accept them...

“No problem... It is what it is.”

But don’t confuse acceptance with defeat. You can be accepting and still desire change. And change happens easily when you’re at peace with What Is.

Originally published on 2007-02-05
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