The Love Game

by Scott Noelle

Think about how good you feel when someone tells you they love you — really love you. Wouldn’t you like to feel that way more often?

The object of today’s game is to rekindle that feeling all day long! Here’s how:

No matter what your child does or says to you today, interpret every expression as if s/he said “I love you!”

This may seem frivolous or even crazy, but don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! :)

You can make up reasons if you like. (Example: “My child loves me so much, s/he’ll do anything to get my attention.”) But there’s even more power in perceiving love for no reason at all.

Immense power and pleasure are available to you by deliberately choosing interpretations that feel good to you. Before long, you may discover more Love than you know how to let in.

Remember that love is your birthright. You don’t need an excuse to let it in. Love is always there for you.

Just breathe and let it in!

Originally published on 2006-08-22
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