Matters of Life and Death

by Scott Noelle

The cost of resisting death is high — it sucks the life out of you!

Resisting death, either literally or figuratively, is at the root of many if not most parent-child conflicts. One example is when parents spank toddlers to deter them from running into the street.

When parents worry about how much sugar their children will consume on Halloween, they’re essentially resisting death. The life-draining, joy-killing effects of worrying may be greater than the damage done by the sugar!

But making friends with death doesn’t mean promoting it. Love, unhindered by fear, always leads to more aliveness.

Love of life inspires ideas and actions which promote safety, health, or whatever you desire — without sacrificing the sacred trust between you and your child.

When you embrace death as an aspect of life, and connect with the eternal essence of Life, you can relax and start enjoying the life you have — here and now.

Originally published on 2006-10-31
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