Posted 2016-10-29
R   E   V   U   E

The Good, the Bad, and the Educated

by Scott Noelle

Another Education: Next Generation online conference will be presented next week (Nov 3-7), and I’ve been invited back — this time to talk more about partnership with children through Self-Directed Education.

I’m thrilled to be sharing the virtual stage with several outstanding visionaries, some of whom I’m fortunate to have as friends in real life. Notable newcomers this time around include Daniel Seigel, author of Brainstorm (highly recommended for parents of teens); Heather Forbes, author of Beyond Consequences (imagine that!); and Charles Eisenstein, author of The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible (my favorite book last year).

I’m also looking forward to seeing Lenore Skenazy (Free Range Kids) whom I met last January in NYC, Robin Grille (Parenting for a Peaceful World) whom I met when I toured Australia, and Michelle Charfen (Centered Parenting) whom I met at my PATH Parenting workshop in Los Angeles. So many brilliant people, and you can watch or listen to their interviews for free! To get access, register here.

Befitting the run-up to Halloween (and this year’s spooky elections) my three most recent posts explore the subtler aspects of good and evil, right and wrong, peace and conflict...

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