Invisible Abundance

by Scott Noelle

Belief in abundance is crucial to the transformation of your daily grind into a joyful groove, because virtually all suffering derives from belief in scarcity.

When you believe there is PLENTY of good stuff — time, energy, and especially LOVE — most problems simply dissolve.

For example, you wouldn’t worry about your children’s behavior if you believed that there’s plenty of time for them to find their way, plenty of energy (including money and material goods) to empower them on their paths, and so much love that no amount of “misbehavior” could render them (or you) unlovable.

“But how can I believe in abundance when I see so much physical evidence of scarcity?”

If you paid more attention to your Inner Knowing, you’d “see” much more abundance than your eyes reveal. You’d also notice that material abundance is usually preceded by non-physical abundance, such as the abundance of creativity, inspiration, inner freedom, and unconditional love — any of which can appear “out of thin air” without limits.

Improve Your Groove

Today, make a point of noticing whether your thoughts and statements are based on belief in scarcity... or abundance. Which way feels better?

Originally published on 2006-08-29
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