Is ‘Truth’ Overrated?

by Scott Noelle

In a materialistic society, we form the habit of taking objective “truth” too seriously. One of the gifts of parenthood is that children give us an excuse to relax about objective truths and revive our natural appreciation of felt (subjective) truths.

When a five-year-old boy says, “I’m going to eat this whole watermelon right now!” he’s telling his truth for that moment. If his mother says, “Don’t be silly! That melon is twenty times the size of your stomach!” the richness of his heartfelt truth is lost to both of them.

Improve Your Groove

Today, notice how you respond to your child’s “childish” statements. Put aside what you “know” and let yourself feel your child’s truth.

Enjoy the feeling of connection made possible by your willingness to share your child’s perspective... Now that’s power!

Originally published on 2007-06-12
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