Posted 2016-06-03
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Shameless Parenting

by Scott Noelle

In our society, shaming is almost always destructive, unhealthy, and unnecessary, so I strive to release shame from my own experience and help others do likewise. A recent New York Times op-ed called The Shame Culture is worth reading as it sheds light on new varieties of toxic shame that have emerged from online and on-campus, where shame is being expressed as exclusion:

In an era of omnipresent social media, it’s probably doubly important to discover and name your own personal True North, vision of an ultimate good, which is worth defending even at the cost of unpopularity and exclusion.

And speaking of life without shame...

Today through Sunday you can get free access to my interview for the Talking To Kids About Sex series, which is posting a new interview every day in June. (Sorry I misreported that it would start last Monday.) You can view the entire 30-day line-up here, and go directly to my 35-minute interview HERE.

Cecilia and Jason Hilkey, who recently interviewed me about the power of partnership in parenting and education, also invited me to partipate in a Q&A on Facebook. It brought out some helpful tips around issues like teaching kids self-discipline, teens doing chores (or not), Waldorf, NVC, and more. I’ve compiled the whole thing for you, HERE.

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