Going Along for the Ride

by Scott Noelle

Here’s something you can try if you have a young child who enjoys riding “piggyback”...

When you’re both in a good mood, offer your child a piggyback ride. But don’t lift him/her up; instead, kneel down and let your child climb onto your back.

Also, don’t try to “entertain” your child (i.e., pretending to be a horse, etc.). Just walk from point A to point B and let the ride be the source of fun.

After doing this a few times, your child will begin to recognize your piggyback mounting position as an invitation for a ride.

Now you have a “tool” that’s especially good for helping your child shift from one flow to another. Instead of saying, “Stop playing; it’s time to go,” you won’t have to say anything — just assume the inviting position and your little rider will eagerly come on board!

Decide that life is supposed to be fun, make it so, and your kids will want to go along for the ride.

Originally published on 2006-08-18
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