Patience vs. Presence

by Scott Noelle

The root of the word patient means “to endure.” Patience is normally seen as a kind of self-sacrifice in which one tolerates unpleasant conditions for prolonged periods.

When you understand that self-sacrifice ultimately hurts both the self and the intended beneficiary, you have to wonder if patience is really “a virtue.”

But what about parents who are truly calm, centered, and creative even when their children “misbehave” — aren’t they being patient?

While bystanders may look at them and see patience, the parents themselves aren’t experiencing unpleasantness, much less “enduring” it. More likely they’re enjoying the creative process.

Improve Your Groove

Today, try replacing patience with presence. Be willing to stay present with What Is, no matter what arises. Return frequently to your heart’s desire and let it inspire your actions.

Others will call you patient, but you’ll just call it... happy. :)

Originally published on 2006-11-21
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